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We are a Leipzig-based asset management firm focusing on development of real estate in the region. Primarily we work with residential and commercial properties, using our passion for real estate and creativity to increase their value.

Capinus Leipzig

The Team

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Antje von Rosen

Strategy and
business development

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Peggy Scholz

Marketing and



Mrs. von Rosen, what brought you to the real estate industry?

It was by coincidence. My apprenticeship at the bank, an economics degree and an MBA as well as a trainee program at an American bank were geared towards classical corporate finance. At the end of the 80s there was a withdrawal from real estate business, especially with American banks.
That changed at the turn of the millennium. Real estate regained popularity, banks were inclined to finance real estate projects. The properties, development opportunities and locations were exciting. Previously, I had focused on companies, their business models/ products with an increasing exposure to financial services, real estate companies and P.E. firms, providing the basis for an interest in the real estate market.

Capinus has been based in Leipzig for over 3 years. What brought you to Leipzig, of all places?

I was approached to help with the financing of real estate projects in Leipzig. Since 2012 I have been in Leipzig at least once a month and have dealt extensively with real estate developments here. In 2014 it became clear that this was becoming a full-time role.
Having always had a keen interest in architecture, it was a good fit and turned out to be an incredibly exciting and interesting opportunity. The main task is the valuation of properties and increasing its value. This has been a lot of fun and I have found a very dedicated and friendly team, with which even challenging projects can be accomplished.

You are originally from Frankfurt and have been commuting – is there time for hobbies?

That’s a matter of organization. I can pursue some of my hobbies in both cities and am lucky enough to experience the “best of both worlds”. Also, the commuting is short and entertaining for me – by car or by train it is a 3 hour trip. It’s relaxing rather than stressful.
Frankfurt and Leipzig have been twin cities since 1990. They have a lot in common, yet they are still so different. Frankfurt offers life on the river, you can cycle in the Odenwald or Taunus regions. Leipzig has lots of lakes and water sports and plenty of cultural events. An example of that is the Leipzig book fair, during which I prefer to be here. The events at this fair are more attractive, because there is more proximity than in Frankfurt.
But yes, I take free time for sports and culture. I am a member of ImmoFrauen – it’s a great way to combine business with pleasure.

What are the next big goals you have set for yourself?

Currently, I am working on the development of office properties. This has become a very interesting area, because it is becoming increasingly important to consider the changing needs of tenants, while simultaneously increasing the value of the property.
These can be directly opposed to one another, highlighting the importance of managing to combine these two interests. I am working on quality assurance for our service providers and developing strategies that can address this.
In addition, I am hoping to bring Frankfurt closer to the people of Leipzig and vice versa. That’s where I’m focusing on building my network, because that’s also a personal concern of mine.
Speaking of personal: I am hoping to take a longer trip through Latin America and of course, my new hobby, to improve my golf.

Antje von Rosen